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Who Is START International ®

We Are Dispensers.
START International is a globally leading company that manufactures taping and labeling solutions. With products manufactured in the USA, Asia and Europe, START International machines and equipment are used in various industries and markets all over the world.

Our Mission

START’s® mission is to continuously provide the highest quality product, build and maintain relationships with our customers, and to constantly improve the customer service experience.

Our Innovations

START’s best product innovations come from simple observations combined with a keen understanding of our customers’ needs. Most companies design products specifically to increase sales volume. START’s main goal is not to create a bestseller, but to enhance customers’ operations. To attain that goal, our product design engineers develop value-added products. Our approach begins with our unequalled information gathering techniques. With this unique approach to product development, we are able to provide the highest quality and most  effective products for our customers.

START International has been solving customers’ application needs since 1981. We like to be known as an “application oriented” company. With our tape and label dispensers, we are helping production lines around the world increase operator productivity. With our optical inspection line, we bring the largest selection and highest quality loupes, magnifiers and hand-held microscopes in the world to you in one place. We look forward to earning your business.

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